Grabz Model 2 V3 SF.png

The Making of Grab-z


Before creating the design for the actual Grab-z other solutions were created such as brackets and straps. I needed to hold the Low-z and its satellite speakers in a position that could properly deliver sounds and haptics to a listener in our office chair. One of our ideals is striving to create things that can be used in as many ways as possible, maximizing their use. How could I create a device that could be attached to as many chairs as possible, be easy to remove, while being strong enough to hold the system, and still be usable in other ways? The answer to this question did not come by just by thinking about a solution. We brought potential solutions to life and tested them thoroughly to discover what performed to our standards. The picture shows one of the prototypes created out of such brainstorming. This prototype had a few problems, but the worst was that it was complicated to use and did not look nice.

Grabz Model 2 SF.jpg

As a matter of fact, Grab-z was created out of failure to find an easy solution to attach Low-z to the back of a person. It did not look good at all and I was worried about having to go back to the drawing board to start from zero.

Grabz Model 2 V4 SF.jpg

It was then that I noticed that a smaller version of this prototype, with a few changes, could end up  as the solution to hold to chairs! After some more tests and a few prototypes, Grab-z was created! This Grab-z ended up with flexible arms that allow the user to quickly embrace and hold to many types of chairs. After holding firmly Grab-z allows for the Low-z to be connected to its main body via our custom connectors and that is it. Grab-z already looks and performs very well, but there are some improvements to be implemented to make it even better before we get it ready to manufacture.