Vivid Mode

QiQ offers different modes to experience your immersive audio. QiQ in Vivid Mode spreads sound to and around the listener creating a more natural spaciousness sensation that takes the experience one step closer to a real-life performance.

Vivid 1.png

Outstanding Immersive Sensations

Direct sound waves in red arrive first and are much stronger then the ones reflecting from the ambient, this natural reflections provides for spaciousness sensations without the disadvantages of conventional speaker positioning.



Silent Mode

When in Silent Mode QiQ intensifies immersive sensations and delivers audio through your own headphones

Silent 1.png

Great Immersive Sensations

QiQ is silently immersive, but limited to your headphone capabilities and this experience is very different from the Vivid Mode sensation.


QiQ is about delivering the very best sensations to you. Choose the listening modes that fit your lifestyle and your own preferences.
— Inventor